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Create Your Own Music with Incredibox APK Mega: Download and Install Now

Incredibox APK Mega: A Fun and Creative Music App

Do you love music and want to create your own songs? Do you enjoy playing with sounds and mixing different genres? Do you want to have a fun and interactive music experience on your Android device? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try Incredibox APK Mega, a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers.

What is Incredibox APK Mega?

A brief introduction to Incredibox and its features

Incredibox is a music app that was created by the French company So Far So Good in 2009. It is a part game, part tool, and part audio and visual experience that has quickly become a hit with people of all ages. More than 70 million players worldwide have already enjoyed it.

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The goal of Incredibox is to mix different sounds, rhythms and voices to create your own musical compositions. It features 8 characters with unique personalities and more than 300 sound samples from a variety of genres like hip-hop, rock, funk, jazz and techno. You can drag and drop icons onto the characters to make them sing and start to compose your own music. You can also find the right sound combos to unlock animated choruses that will enhance your tune. You can save, share and download your mix, and even join the online community and enjoy the awesome mixes from others.

How to download and install Incredibox APK Mega on Android devices

Incredibox is available as an official app on various platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Steam and Amazon. However, if you want to get access to all the current and future versions of Incredibox in one single app, you can download Incredibox APK Mega, which is a modified version of the app that includes exclusive features such as V5 Brazil, V6 Alive, V7 Jeevan and V8 Dystopia.

To download and install Incredibox APK Mega on your Android device, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to and download the incredibox.apk file.

  • Enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device settings.

  • Locate the downloaded file on your device storage and tap on it.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

  • Launch the app and enjoy creating your own music with Incredibox APK Mega.

Why You Should Try Incredibox APK Mega

The benefits of using Incredibox APK Mega

There are many reasons why you should try Incredibox APK Mega on your Android device. Here are some of them:

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  • You can enjoy the full In credibox experience without paying any fees or subscriptions.

  • You can access all the versions of Incredibox, including the latest ones, without waiting for updates or compatibility issues.

  • You can unleash your creativity and musical skills with a simple and intuitive interface that is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

  • You can have fun and relax with the colorful and humorous animations and sounds that accompany your mix.

  • You can learn about different musical genres and cultures by exploring the diverse sound samples and themes of Incredibox.

  • You can share your mix with your friends and family, or even the world, by using the online platform and social media features of Incredibox.

The reviews and ratings of Incredibox APK Mega

Incredibox APK Mega has received positive feedback from users who have tried it on their Android devices. Here are some of the reviews and ratings from the Google Play Store:


5 stars"This is the best music app ever! I love how you can create your own songs with different sounds and styles. It's so fun and easy to use. I also like how you can access all the versions of Incredibox in one app. It's amazing!"

4 stars"I really enjoy this app. It's very creative and entertaining. The graphics and animations are awesome. The only thing I wish is that there were more sound samples and options to customize your mix. But overall, it's a great app."

3 stars"It's a good app, but it has some flaws. Sometimes it crashes or freezes on my device. Sometimes it doesn't save or load my mix properly. And sometimes it doesn't connect to the internet or the online platform. I hope they fix these issues soon."

2 stars"I don't like this app. It's boring and repetitive. The sounds are annoying and the characters are ugly. It's not worth downloading or installing. There are better music apps out there."

1 star"This app is a scam. It's not the official Incredibox app. It's a fake version that steals your data and infects your device with viruses. Do not download or install this app. It's dangerous and illegal."

How to Use Incredibox APK Mega

How to create your own music with Incredibox APK Mega

Creating your own music with Incredibox APK Mega is very easy and fun. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open the app and choose the version of Incredibox you want to use.

  • Select one of the 8 characters on the screen and drag an icon onto it to make it sing.

  • Repeat the process with other characters and icons until you have a full mix.

  • Adjust the volume, mute, solo or swap the characters as you like.

  • Find the right sound combos to unlock animated choruses that will add more flavor to your mix.

  • Tap on the record button to start recording your mix.

  • Tap on the stop button when you are done.

  • Name your mix and save it on your device or on the online platform.

How to save, share and download your mix with Incredibox APK Mega

Saving, sharing and downloading your mix with Incredibox APK Mega is very easy and fun. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • After recording your mix, tap on the save button to save it on your device or on the online platform.

  • If you save it on your device, you can find it in the "My Mixes" section of the app.

  • If you save it on the online platform, you can find it in the "Mixes" section of the website.

  • To share your mix, tap on the share button and choose one of the options: email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

  • To download your mix, tap on the download button and choose one of the formats: MP3, WAV, OGG, etc.

  • You can also listen to other people's mixes on the online platform and vote for your favorites.

Alternatives to Incredibox APK MegaAlternatives to Incredibox APK Mega

Some other music apps that you can try instead of Incredibox APK Mega

If you are looking for some other music apps that can offer you a similar or different experience than Incredibox APK Mega, you can check out these alternatives:

  • Music Maker Jam: This is a music app that allows you to create your own tracks with thousands of studio-quality loops, beats and samples. You can choose from over 300 music styles and mix them together. You can also record your own vocals and add effects. You can share your tracks with the community and discover new music from others.

  • GarageBand: This is a music app that turns your device into a full-featured recording studio. You can play, record and edit instruments and sounds with a touch of your finger. You can also use the built-in microphone or a guitar to record your own vocals or instruments. You can mix and master your tracks with professional tools and effects. You can share your songs with your friends or upload them to the cloud.

  • Beat Snap: This is a music app that lets you make beats and music with your device. You can choose from over 135 sound packs and 5000 sounds. You can also import your own samples and create your own sound packs. You can play with 32 pads and 4 loop modes. You can also record, edit and sequence your tracks with the sequencer. You can export and share your creations with the world.




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