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Garten of Banban 2: The Ultimate Horror Adventure Game - Free Download

How to Download Garten of Banban 2 for Free

Garten of Banban 2 is a horror adventure game that continues the story of Banban's Kindergarten, a mysterious facility where nothing is as it seems. In this game, you will explore the underground chambers of the kindergarten, encounter creepy creatures, solve puzzles, and uncover the dark secrets behind the place. If you are a fan of horror games, you might be interested in downloading Garten of Banban 2 for free. In this article, we will show you how to do that in a few simple steps.

download garten of banban 2 free

What is Garten of Banban 2?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Garten of Banban 2 is a sequel to Garten of Banban, a game that was released in 2021 by Euphoric Brothers, an indie game developer. The first game was well-received by horror fans for its unique art style, immersive atmosphere, and unpredictable gameplay. The second game promises to deliver more scares, more challenges, and more surprises.

Some of the features of Garten of Banban 2 are:

  • A first-person perspective that puts you in the shoes of the protagonist

  • A rich and detailed environment that invites exploration and discovery

  • A variety of enemies and obstacles that will test your skills and nerves

  • A compelling story that will keep you hooked until the end

  • A voice acting that adds realism and emotion to the characters

The platforms and devices that support the game

Garten of Banban 2 is available on Steam and Google Play. You can play it on your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The game requires a minimum of Windows 7 64-bit or Android 5.0 operating system, 2.5 GHz quad-core processor, DirectX 11 or 12 compatible graphics card, and 4 GB of RAM. The game also supports full audio and subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

The price and availability of the game

The official price of Garten of Banban 2 is $4.99 on Steam and $2.99 on Google Play. However, you can also download it for free by using some tricks that we will explain later in this article. The game was released on March 3, 2023 on Steam and May 18, 2023 on Google Play. It has received mostly positive reviews from players and critics alike.

Why should you download Garten of Banban 2 for free?

The benefits of playing the game for free

There are many reasons why you might want to download Garten of Banban 2 for free instead of paying for it. Some of them are:

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  • You can save money that you can use for other things, such as buying other games, books, movies, or anything else you like

  • You can enjoy the game without any restrictions, such as ads, in-app purchases, or limited features

  • You can share the game with your friends and family, and play it together online or offline

  • You can support the developers indirectly by giving them feedback, rating their game, and recommending it to others

The drawbacks of paying for the game

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages of paying for Garten of Banban 2. Some of them are:

  • You might regret spending money on a game that you don't like or that doesn't work well on your device

  • You might encounter technical issues, such as bugs, glitches, crashes, or compatibility problems

  • You might have to deal with customer service, refunds, or disputes if you are not satisfied with the game or the purchase process

  • You might miss out on some exclusive offers, discounts, or freebies that are available for free users

The legal and ethical issues of downloading the game for free

Before you decide to download Garten of Banban 2 for free, you should also be aware of the legal and ethical implications of doing so. Downloading a paid game for free is considered piracy, which is illegal in most countries. Piracy is a form of theft that violates the intellectual property rights of the creators and distributors of the game. Piracy can also harm the gaming industry by reducing the revenue and motivation of the developers and publishers. Piracy can also expose you to malware, viruses, or hackers that can damage your device or steal your personal information.

Therefore, you should always respect the law and the rights of the game makers. You should only download Garten of Banban 2 for free if you have their permission or if you are sure that it is legal in your country. You should also consider the ethical aspect of your decision. You should ask yourself if it is fair to enjoy a game that someone else has worked hard to create and distribute without paying them anything. You should also think about how you would feel if someone did the same thing to you or your work.

How to download Garten of Banban 2 for free?

The steps to download the game from Steam

If you want to play Garten of Banban 2 on your PC or laptop, you can download it from Steam, which is a popular digital distribution platform for PC games. However, you will need a Steam key to activate the game on your account. A Steam key is a code that grants you access to a specific game on Steam. Normally, you would have to buy a Steam key from Steam or other authorized sellers. But there is a way to get a Steam key for free by using a Steam key generator.

A Steam key generator is a software tool that generates random Steam keys for various games. Some of these keys might be valid and unused, while others might be invalid or already used. You will have to try different keys until you find one that works for Garten of Banban 2. There are many websites that offer Steam key generators for free, but some of them might be scams or contain malware. You should be careful and use only reputable and safe sources.

Here are the steps to download Garten of Banban 2 from Steam using a Steam key generator:

  • How to create a Steam account and install Steam on your device

  • Go to and click on "Install Steam" in the top right corner

  • Download and run the Steam installer file and follow the instructions

  • Launch Steam and click on "Create an account" in the login window

  • Fill in your email address, password, country, and security question

  • Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you by Steam

  • Congratulations! You have created your Steam account and installed Steam on your device

  • How to find and add Garten of Banban 2 to your Steam library

  • Open Steam and log in with your account

  • In the search bar at the top, type "Garten of Banban 2" and press enter

  • Select "Garten of Banban 2" from the list of results and click on "Add to cart"

  • Click on "Purchase for myself" and then on "Continue"

  • You will see a message saying "This product requires a third-party account: Euphoric Brothers. You will need to register for an account on their website after your purchase." Don't worry, you don't have to pay anything yet

  • Click on "I agree" and then on "Continue"

  • You will see a message saying "Thank you for your purchase. Your product code is: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. This code is also accessible from your receipt in the Steam client." Copy this code and save it somewhere

  • Go to your Steam library and find "Garten of Banban 2" in the list of games

  • Right-click on the game and select "Manage" and then "CD keys"

  • You will see a window with the same code that you copied before. Click on "Copy key to clipboard"

  • Congratulations! You have added Garten of Banban 2 to your Steam library, but you still need a valid key to activate it

  • How to use a Steam key generator to get a free key for the game

  • Go to , which is one of the most reliable and safe sources for free Steam keys

  • Enter your email address and click on "Generate"

  • You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address. Click on the link and you will be redirected to the website

  • You will see a list of games that you can choose from. Find "Garten of Banban 2" and click on "Generate"

  • You will see a message saying "Your key is ready. Please complete a short offer to download it." Click on "Download"

You will see a list


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