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Old Among Us APK: Enjoy the Original Game with No Ads or In-App Purchases

Old Among Us APK: What Is It and How to Download It

Among Us is one of the most popular games of 2020 and 2021, with millions of players around the world enjoying its fun and thrilling gameplay. But did you know that you can play older versions of the game with an APK file? In this article, we will explain what Among Us is, what an APK is, and how you can download old Among Us APK to experience the game in a different way.

old among us apk

What Is Among Us and Why Is It So Popular?

Among Us is a multiplayer game that was released in 2018 by Innersloth, a small indie game studio. The game is set in a space-themed setting, where players can choose to be either Crewmates or Impostors. Crewmates have to work together to complete tasks around the spaceship, while Impostors have to secretly kill them or sabotage their mission. The game is based on social deduction, where players have to communicate, lie, and deceive each other to win.

A Brief History of Among Us

Among Us was inspired by the party game Mafia and the sci-fi horror film The Thing. The game was initially released for Android and iOS devices in June 2018, and later for Windows in November 2018. The game did not receive much attention until 2020, when it became a viral hit thanks to Twitch streamers and YouTubers playing it. Since then, the game has received several updates, new maps, new modes, new roles, and new features. The game has also been ported to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The Main Features of Among Us

Among Us has many features that make it a fun and engaging game for players of all ages. Some of the main features are:

  • Customization: Players can customize their appearance, color, hat, skin, pet, name, and chat settings.

  • Game options: Players can adjust various game settings, such as the number of Impostors, the number of tasks, the map, the mode, the speed, the vision, the kill cooldown, the voting time, and more.

  • Different modes: Players can choose from different modes to play the game, such as Classic mode or Hide n Seek mode.

  • Different maps: Players can explore four different maps in the game, each with its own layout, tasks, vents, cameras, sabotages, and secrets. The maps are The Skeld (a spaceship), MIRA HQ (an office building), Polus (a planet base), and The Airship (a floating airship).

  • Online multiplayer: Players can join or host online games with up to 15 players from around the world or from their friends list. They can also use voice chat or text chat to communicate with each other.

  • Cross-platform play: Players can play with each other across different platforms and devices.

The Appeal of Among Us

Among Us is a game that appeals to many people for different reasons. Some of the reasons why people love playing Among Us are:

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  • It is easy to learn and play: The game has simple rules and controls that anyone can understand and enjoy.

  • It is fun and exciting: The game creates a lot of suspense and tension as players try to figure out who the Impostors are or try to avoid being caught as one. The game also has a lot of humor and randomness that make it entertaining.

  • It is It is social and interactive: The game allows players to interact with each other, make friends, form alliances, betray each other, and have fun together. The game also fosters creativity and imagination as players can create their own stories and scenarios.

  • It is constantly updated and improved: The game developers are always listening to the feedback and suggestions of the players and adding new content and features to the game. The game also has a lot of fan-made content, such as mods, skins, maps, and more.

What Is an APK and Why Do You Need It?

An APK is a file format that stands for Android Package Kit. It is a type of file that contains the installation package of an Android app. It is similar to an EXE file for Windows or a DMG file for Mac. An APK file contains all the necessary files and code to run an app on an Android device.

The Definition and Function of an APK

An APK file is composed of several parts, such as the manifest, the resources, the assets, the classes, the signatures, and the certificates. These parts work together to define the app's identity, appearance, functionality, security, and compatibility. An APK file can be installed on an Android device by downloading it from a trusted source, such as the Google Play Store, or by transferring it from another device via USB or Bluetooth.

The Benefits and Risks of Using an APK

Using an APK file can have some benefits and risks for users. Some of the benefits are:

  • It can allow users to access apps that are not available in their region or on their device.

  • It can allow users to install older or newer versions of apps that are not supported by their device or by the app developer.

  • It can allow users to customize or modify apps according to their preferences or needs.

Some of the risks are:

  • It can expose users to malware or viruses that can harm their device or steal their data.

  • It can violate the terms and conditions of the app developer or the platform provider and result in legal issues or penalties.

  • It can cause compatibility or performance issues with the device or the app.

How to Install an APK on Your Device

To install an APK file on your device, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the APK file from a trusted source or transfer it from another device.

  • Go to your device settings and enable the option to install apps from unknown sources. This may vary depending on your device model and Android version.

  • Locate the APK file on your device using a file manager app or your browser.

  • Tap on the APK file and follow the instructions to install it.

  • Once installed, you can launch the app from your app drawer or home screen.

What Is Old Among Us APK and How to Download It?

Old Among Us APK is a term that refers to an APK file that contains an older version of Among Us. It is different from the current version of Among Us that is available on the Google Play Store or other platforms. Old Among Us APK can allow users to play Among Us with features or modes that are no longer available in the new version.

The Difference Between Old and New Versions of Among Us

The old version of Among Us has some differences from the new version in terms of graphics, gameplay, maps, modes, roles, and more. Some of the differences are:

Old VersionNew Version

The graphics are more pixelated and less detailed.The graphics are more smooth and realistic.

The gameplay is more simple and straightforward.The gameplay is more complex and varied.

The maps are smaller and have fewer tasks and sabotages.The maps are larger and have more tasks and sabotages.

The modes are limited to Classic mode or Hide n Seek mode.The modes include Quick Chat mode, Free Chat mode, Account System mode, etc.

The roles are only Crewmate or Impostor.The roles include Sheriff, Doctor, Engineer, Jester, etc.

The Reasons to Download Old Among Us APK

Some users may prefer to download old Among Us APK for various reasons. Some of the reasons are:

They want to experience They want to experience the nostalgia and charm of the original game.

  • They want to play with friends or other players who have the old version of the game.

  • They want to try out features or modes that are no longer available in the new version of the game.

  • They want to avoid bugs or glitches that may occur in the new version of the game.

  • They want to save storage space or battery life on their device.

The Steps to Download Old Among Us APK

To download old Among Us APK, you need to follow these steps:

Find a reliable and safe source that offers old Among Us APK files.


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